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Inside Paula Shy


We haven't seen Paula Shy in three years, and when she starts this video, she's seated knees-up on a couch, legs demurely crossed. But you can see her breast peeking out behind her knee and a pink vibrator on the couch next to her, so you know she's not really shy. Then, with a big smile, she opens her legs to reveal that she already has a speculum inside her (combine the speculum with the smile and you have an instant hard-on), so our cameraman wastes no time moving closer for some intimate closeups.With her pretty pink cervix clearly in view, Paula not-Shy uses her fingers to accentuate her gape, pulling her labia apart so that there is no mistaking that she is open for business. She plants her feet on the couch and lifts her hips as is to say See this? It's yours!, before turning on her side to give us a side-on view of her open love-tunnel. And even though it is harder to be any more open than when you're stretched by a speculum, Paula keeps pulling her ass cheeks and pussy lips as if to say wider! Then it is on to her knees for a rear view, and still she keeps spreading more! It is as if she is not only allowing us to look inside her, but demanding it: My cunt is wide open for you. Look inside me. Look inside me!.And always with a big smile :-) So when she switches to her seated spread-legged squat for us and applies the vibrator first to her breasts and nipples, and then to her clit, she is not just masturbating. She is masturbating for us. She is sharing her pleasure, and asking us to share our pleasure with her.As she approaches orgasm, her eyes are closed, the only sounds she makes are breathy pants, but in even in her pleasure she knows we are watching her open vagina, pink omanko, fotze loch, gaping cunt, because she is holding it open for us to watch. At one point she rotates the speculum so that she can get better access to her clit, and her peehole is relaxed, her anus twitches in synchrony to her vagina muscles contractions and her head arches back. Her legs spasm when she cums, and she moans quietly.The video ends almost as it began. She gently removes the speculum after her orgasm, but smiles that beautiful smile with her pussy in full view. She knows we had fun, too.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: INSIDE PAULA SHY - June 28, 2016.