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Exploratory Missyon


Clad only in a skin-tight minidress, lovely Missy begins this video showing us her pretty feet, and then showing us that there is nothing under that minidress she is wearing (by removing the dress, and showing us her lovely body). She's got firm little tits and a meaty set of labia that she's shaved clean, and she quickly gets to gaping her vagina for us. And what a lovely gape it is, with her prominent clitoral shaft standing out as she squats and spreads wide for the camera. The rear shots are equally great, as she drops into a straddle, and you can really see deep inside of her. She's a little shy (you can see it in her hesitant smile) but she displays herself quite completely.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: EXPLORATORY MISSYON - January 4, 2015.