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Monika Benz


Some girls smile when posing, some look sultry, but Monika has the interesting challenging look about her. She dares us to look, dares us not to act (and she smiles, too, but the challenge is there, too). She starts in a dark purple minidress, massaging her feet and caressing her legs, and when she turns onto her side we see that she's not wearing any panties as her full labia peek out. We don't mind peeking at PJGirls, but we're more about staring, and we'll get to that soon enough!Banding over the back of the couch, Monika thrusts her ass and pussy at us, and we can see her labia minora hanging down. Our cameraman gets on the floor, so we can loop up at her snatch as she spreads her ass-cheeks apart, then gets in closer as she reaches in to grasp her pussy lips and gape her vagina wide open for us. Then the fingers go in, and the hole really opens. We can't see her face any more, but the challenge is still there. We can imagine her asking You wanna fuck this?After a long rear-show, Monika turns around and lifts the minidress over her small and firm breasts. She massages them roughly, and her nipples are very perky and full, (just the sort of thing we'd like to nibble on). But we want more, so Monika squats on the couch, leans back, and stretches her cunt wide open some more. She pulls very hard with two fingers, and seeing Monika with her perky nipples and head thrown back, you can tell that that pussy play feels as good to her as it looks to us. Then we zoom in for some wet-sounding stretching closeups.The scene ends with Monika on her back, legs up, and four fingers pulling her cunt wide open with a reach-around. She relaxes enough to gape deeply for us, and maintains that challenging look on her face. Okay... challenge accepted! We'll watch. We challenge you to keep going :-)The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: MONIKA BENZ - June 25, 2016.