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Pierced milf


Celine is a smokin' hot MILF who knows how hot she is... but she's not stuck up about it. She starts with a long slow nylon and leg tease, and she's so sexy about rubbing lotion in to her feet that you can't help but enjoy her show. Then she tit-fucks our metal spreader toy, and lets face it, she has a very nice pair of tits, too. Then down come the panties, and she rubs her landing-strip shaved pussy, and we get just a hint of the gaoe to come. And then, bam! In goes the toy, and we have a sexy, long legged, beautiful breasted MILF with a wide open hole, and the main event is starting! Celine fingers her stretched open cunt, swirls the toy around, and gives us some long lingering close-up views deep inside her vagina (complete with pull-outs and reinsertions of the toy), and for a finale she licks it clean, tasting her creamy juices.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: PIERCED MILF - October 17, 2015.