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Bashful Secretary


Scarlett has a sheer silky top covering her large swinging breasts, and we really don't care if she can type or not! She opens the blouse to let loose her Double D's and massage them, then up comes her skirt and down goes her panties, and we get a nice show from behind of her pussy and big butt. She spreads her big cheeks and fleshy lips, and probes with her fingers. And like every one of PJGirls models, she spreads those lips wide enough for a big wet vaginal gape, with plenty of time for you to appreciate her inner and outer beauty! When she's in her chair, she's not really bashful at all: her eyes, breasts, and open cunt are all looking directly at you, and you can see just how relaxed all of them are.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: BASHFUL SECRETARY - December 31, 2015.