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You probably remember that we lovingly called Ally a loose woman. Her morals are loose enough to allow her to get naked and show us her loose pussy, and now she shows is that she has a big heart and a really big cunt! She starts by sitting on the couch in a pink T-shirt and immediately slides in the speculum and lies back. It clicks gently and she's wide open—very little resistance there—and we see all the way down to her cervix. But since that felt a little quick, she pulls it out again (and we get to see her lovely loose natural gape), the reinserts it and lets us watch her open it up, so that we can see her milky-white natural lube as the bills of the speculum pull apart. It is easy to see just how relaxed and open she is. We can see as her ass relaxes, and then she rotates the speculum fully clockwise, the tips circling her cervix and the smooth walls of her vagina sliding around inside.We get some fantastic views of a partially withdrawn speculum, with a finger pulling the entrance to her vagina open wider as her cunt gapes deep, her cervix always in view. She does that on her side and on her back, sliding the speculum in and out while it is locked open, pulling her vagina wider with a finger—you get to see just how much her cunt can hold, a fist is no problem—and of course out photographer gets in nice and close for the gape and clench action (and you get to see both her asshole and vagina contracting and relaxing).Then out comes the vibrator, set to a powerful throbbing low speed. Pressed hard against her clit, with the speculum in sideways, you see all the clenching action as she drives towards an orgasm (and we get another red-dot ecstasy moment) followed by an extreme closeup of a second vaginal orgasm. As we said, we love loose women, especially when they're open (to our suggestions).The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: CLOSE-UP EXPLORING - March 8, 2016.