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Chrissy Fox


Beautiful long haired blonde Chrissy teases us with a slow sensual strip tease, removing her black skirt and leopard panties (but not before pulling them into her crack and showing us her labia). We are then treated to a nice rear show, as she spreads her ass cheeks to open her pussy up for us. Then on to the main event, where she lies back and shows us her silky smooth snatch, spreading to let us look at her well defined clitoral hood, and then on to some beautiful gapes as she stretches her labia wide and opens her cunt-hole. Then Chrissy shows us how she does her Kegels as she clenches and relaxes her vaginal muscles, and finishes with some close-up four-finger spreads, so we can see all her vaginal ripples and folds.The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: CHRISSY FOX - October 15, 2015.