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Completely unveiled


Kristy has a surprise for us. She starts this scene facing the camera, and she she leans forward, her firm tits hand so beautifully with her perky nipples pointing down. But then she turns around, and we see that she has a speculum inside her, holding her cunt open for us. So of course, she points it at the camera, and we get a well-lit look deep inside of her. She takes her time, letting us get an eyeful of stretched open cunt, as we zoom in to show you how deep she is, Then she rolls onto her back (the speculum is still inside her!) spreads her pale-skinned legs, and lets us look some more. There's not a lot of action in this video - just 12 minutes of a beautiful girls with a wide open cunt, just for us! The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: COMPLETELY UNVEILED - September 9, 2015.