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Little dancer


Lovely Rita (we don't know if she is a Meter Maid) is a girl who is 100% completely comfortable with her body. It is almost as if her pussy is as natural to her as her face or hands. If you want to see them, why of course! Why not? She is not as beautiful as some models, she is not as slim, but she is completely natural and unembarrassed. She is who she is, and that is wonderful.So when our photographer asks her to dance with a stripper pole, undress, and show us the goodies, she is not perfect. She is not a skilled dancer. And who cares? Because what she is, is great, and what she gives is something that a perfect model would not!When she rubs her pussy on the stripper pole, you get to watch it bounce up and down from the friction. When she plays with her pussy, you get to see her rubbery lips stretched in all sorts of different directions and angles. When she leans back, squats and gapes... oh yummy, what a big fat cunt with a gorgeous open hole and prominent clitoris. As our cameraman zooms in, she's smiling like this is just completely normal for her to pulse her vagina closed and then relax it to gape open. And when she does some four-finger wide-open stretches, the view is amazing with her wide open vagina and wide open peehole.And the views from behind are equally great, with her long lips dangling and spread wide, with her soft moans as she pulses her pelvic muscles. Rita is fantastic!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: LITTLE DANCER - October 5, 2014.