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Unique hole


If you have never seen Silvie DeLuxe, then a) what rock have you been hiding under? and b) you're in for a treat! This girl has the biggest, stretchiest, most rubbery cunt we have ever seen on a young model. You say unique, we say fucking awesome! Silvie comes down the staits in shorts and a halter top, but she gets rid of those quickly enough and treats us to some squatting gapes and some rear view pulls, both of which show us the amazing vaginal flexibility that she is famous for. Add in a red dildo and some AMAZING four- and six-finger stretches... if you don't blow your load on this girl, then the rock you've been hiding under is your tombstone. And seriously, she can give a dead man a stiffie!The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: UNIQUE HOLE - July 8, 2014.