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Squirting cat


Cat is a squirter. She starts this video with a filmy top covering her soon-to-be-exposed perky nipples, and a short black skirt. But the fact that she's sucking on a speculum gives you a hint of what's to come. She spreads her legs wide, and there are no panties under that skirt. But when she gets on her hands and knees, we find that there is a gape under there, and she takes some time showing to us. Then its on to her back again, off goes the skirt and she shows us her big clit before (yay!) she inserts the speculum and opens herself up for us. And soon enough, Cat is moaning and writhing (and the inside of her vagina is twitching and clenching) as she jams a vibrator on her clit while the speculum stretches her open. And then its bonus time! As she cums, her cunt clenches hard enough to eject the speculum, and she has a loud squirting orgasm. Her face and tits are flushed with pleasure, but unlike most women, she keeps that vibrator jammed hard up against her clit until she loudly cums a second time, squirting even longer and harder.