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Inside Cindy Shine


Our eyes are greeted by the youthful Cindy Shine and her succulent body. We take an even more in depth look at that pussy than we have in our previous videos. Cindy is a bit more confident showing her stuff of this time around. She undresses and gets right to work. Her gapes are very good, as she shows us what she has learned so far, and what other models have taught her. With a mixture of raw sexiness, and with all the good poses, Cindy gives us a great show. There are views with her bending over, as well as lying back. In addition, we give her a speculum which she uses to show us her cervix. It is amazingly bloodless, with lots of goo everywhere. She wiggles her hips around, and wiggles the device, causing her body and her pussy to motion around. Such youth, beauty and vigor to give to our wonderful audience.