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Inside Ashley Ocean


Ashley Ocean is the next beauty we get to explore. She has that girl next door look to her, like that girl you always try and imagine having sex with. She brings a lot of vigor to the porn scene, and has the right attitude for the job. We take an in depth view into her pussy like we are best known for. Let me tell you, there is a lot of good news to found in that well. It is very clean looking and bright pink, all the way down to her cervix. There is a lot of creamy goodness floating around in there, an Ocean of it to be sure. When she gets turned over, all of her best assets are right in front of your face. She seems rather horny throughout this, and looks primed to have an intense orgasm or two for us, shame that it does not happen. All said though, this is a great speculum scene with lots of closeup views of a young soaked vagina. The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: INSIDE ASHLEY OCEAN - January 24, 2019.