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Ashley Ocean


I was really surprised to see how sexy Ashley looks with her ass up and her pussy spread. These features of her's in this position really resemble a previous model, can you guess who I refer to? In any matter, Ashley Ocean loves that you are ogling your brains out on her hot young body. She is all shaven and in the prime of her physical beauty. She has these really dark lips, which help to make her pussy look even sexier in all its spread, pink glory. It is really nice to set your face close to the middle of the screen while listening to her moan. She does pretty good job of spreading herself, though she could probably use a lesson or two from someone like Licky Lex or Lexi Dona. That is not to say that she is an amateur in any way, and knows exactly how to stimulate another human being. The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: ASHLEY OCEAN - January 22, 2019.