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Mouth to Mouth Teen


Jacques Le Coque is a little nervous about his upcoming CPR test. He needs to pass it to become a lifeguard next Summer and hasnt had time to study. Luckily for Jacques, his friend from down the road, Samuel OToole, knows all the proper techniques!When Sammy arrives, Jacques is eager to get started. They lay on Jacques bed and get down to practicing the life-saving skills Jacques will need to know. First is chest compression. Jacques likes the way Samuel touches his chest and nipples. They switch so Jacques can give it a go. Nervous around such a hunk like Sammy, Jacques timidly attempts performing mouth to mouth. He then finds an excuse to feel all over Samuels chest and abs, saying hes checking for injuries, as one would on an actual injury victim. But Sammy knows exactly whats going on, and hes not afraid to make a few moves of his own. He begins rubbing Jacques inner thigh, eventually pulling out Jacquess hardening dick. They enjoy each others fat cocks before Sammy has Jacques reposition to take his bulging erection. Watch Sammy fuck hot, young Jacques in this study session where resuscitation is the last thing on their minds. Enjoy!