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Greek Massage Muscle


Colt Rivers lies on a massage table, relaxed, assuming that his masseuse, Arad, is just going to work the kinks out Colts shoulders and back. Arad rubs Colt down with oil, kneading his tight muscles and easing the tension, but midway through, Arad disrobes and offers a different sort of technique to Colt. Colt obliges, trusting Arad to do right by him, and instantly Arad climbs on Colts back, hovering over him, skin pushed against skin, Arads mouth breathing into Colts ear. Colt is visibly turned on by this and starts sweating, at which point Arad comes around to the front of the table, shoving his cock in Colts mouth as Colt grabs Arads ass and pulls him in closer, gagging on Arads hard dick as he slides up and down the table, grinding his own cock beneath him. Arad flips Colt over and begins sucking on the tip of Colts fully erect penis, tonguing his balls as he stokes Colt to maximum length. Then he bends Colt over and plunges his cock deep into Colt, massaging him from the inside out, before blasting his ample load all over Colts face, as Colt sucks down every last drop.Enjoy!