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Trading Souls Gay


Aspen doesnt really believe the story that the house hes staying in is built over an old burial ground, but that sure would explain how this zombie demon ghoul got into his basement. Now usually when dealing with the undead, the typical response is to run like hell, but theres something about this particular demon that just makes Aspen want to fuck. Maybe its the fact that the demon ghoul is stripping Aspen out of his clothes and sucking his dick, or maybe its the way hes bent his little zombie ass over for Aspen to bang, but whatever it is, Aspen has never been so tempted and terrified at the same time. But he should beware, because when you summon a spirit from the netherworld to come and service your horny hard-on, theres usually a trade-off, and Elliot Finn definitely has the look of a zombie with ulterior motives. Ah, screw it, whats the worst that could happen, right?Enjoy!