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Continental Indulgence Gay


When Cody Cummings travels for pleasure, he doesnt dare deprive himself of a single exquisite luxury his heart desires. Be it fine linens, silken robes, delights for the palette, or even sexual titillation. This time, hes chosen stay in the Romantic Master Suite at his favorite European villa. Its a grand place, with hand-laid brick archways, breathtaking balcony views, and accommodating staff. Its the perfect place for Cody to feel completely relaxed, letting his cares drift away toward the ocean. While waves of contentment and peace flow over him, his cock becomes hard. Under his silk garments, Cody feels it begin to pulsate, begging for attention. Cody puts down his book to work on the swollen dick. Rubbing it first, while still wearing his silk pants, the stiffie becomes even more hard. Cody pulls off his pants and strokes his fat cock. He starts on the soft, warm chair by the record player. Then as the feeling of jerking his hard meat becomes even more intense, Cody moves to the bed where he works into an unbelievable explosion of pent up sexual power. Enjoy!