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Waking Together Gay


When Aiden Summers rouses slowly from bed on a Saturday morning, he finds his head resting on his boyfriend, Santiago Figueroas chest. Santiago still rests. Aiden loves watching his man like this. Peaceful and content, this is when Santiago is most sexy to Aiden. Aiden cant help but reach under the covers to feel if Santiago has an erection. He usually does while he rests and today he has a most triumphant hard on. Aiden pulls it out and begins sucking slowly but deeply. Santiago soon wakes to a wonderful sensation. This is his favorite type of wake-up. Good morning to you too, he tells precious Aiden. They switch so Santiago can enjoy Aidens fat cock. He takes it gently in his mouth and then sucks with passion. When Aiden cant wait any longer, he bends over and presents his tight hole to Santiago. First, Santiago licks it tenderly, preparing the warm pocket. Then he slides his dick in and works into a good, solid fuck rhythm. Aiden enjoys the feel of his strong boyfriend slamming his ass. He climbs on top and takes a sexy ride, while Santiago thrusts upward. Watch these lovers rouse from slumber and start the day with hot, passionate love-making. Enjoy!