The Toy Box Gay-0
The Toy Box Gay-1
The Toy Box Gay-2
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The Toy Box Gay-4
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The Toy Box Gay


The gang over at Fort Troff has sent a literal toy box of goodies for all your restrictive pleasures, and Scotty Zee and Allen Lucas are lucky enough to put it all to the test. Like a good little puppy, Allen has volunteered to be Scottys fuck-slave, and Scotty takes him up on it, using the leash to guide Allen, and using the spread-bar to pry him nice and wide open for a hard pounding. Scotty puts the gear to good use, keeping Allens arms tied behind him as he fucks him from behind, and gagging Allens throat with his meatstick whenever the mood strikes him. To his credit, Allen takes it all willingly, begging Scotty for more as he takes it rough and raw in every which way possible. When hes satisfied, Scotty lets Allen cum himself, which he does, before Scotty flips him over and breeds his hole with his warm seed. Enjoy!