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When Gunner opened his home to let Scott Finn stay for a little while, Scott had no idea that Gunner was still harboring feelings from their past, but when Scott stumbles upon Gunner shamelessly jacking his dick in his bedroom, hes surprised when Gunner invites him closer, and even more surprised to find out that Gunner has been longing for another affair. Scott tells Gunner he cant resist him, and Gunner points down to his hard cock and asks if Scott can resist it. As Scott deep throats Gunners dick, the answer is apparent, and moments later, Gunner is pushing up against Scott, sliding his bareback cock deep inside Scotts hole, fucking him from behind in a standing doggy before throwing him onto the bed and fucking the cum out of him. Scott takes the dick like a champ, just like Gunner remembers, and when Scott spits his load, Gunner follows, pulling out and seeding him with a nice nut for old times sake. As they lay shagged and exhausted, they both agree on two things: 1) to keep this a secret and 2) to make sure not to wait so long before they do it again. Enjoy!