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Painting Partners Gay


Jackson Traynors canvas is starting to look pretty good, but boyfriend Eddie Danger quickly lets Jackson know hes not too interested in his painting prowess. Jackson is quiet but secretyly yearning for Eddies touch, so hes happy for the distraction when Eddie kisses on his neck and works Jackson out of his clothes. Jackson makes way down Eddies body and unzips his jeans, pulling out his semi-hard cock and taking it into his mouth. He looks up at Eddie as he sucks him off and feels his cock get thicker in his mouth. After Eddie returns the favor, Jackson mounts his rock hard dick and lets Eddie fuck him raw all over the studio. He pounds Jackson from behind before recklessly clearing the desk space and laying Jackson on his back. Spreading his legs, he fucks the cum out of Jackson before pulling out and blasting Jackson with his load, painting his own abstract art all over Jacksons body. Enjoy!