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Cooks to Cocks Gay


Still recovering from a leg injury, Mark Long is hobbled but in good spirits, at least until he realizes boyfriend Julian Grey isnt in the kitchen making him food. Julian looks at Mark incredulously, and Mark decides to get something cooking in the kitchen, so he wraps his arms around Juilian and signals for him shift his focus. Julian stops washing dishes and begins to spit shine Marks cock instead, downing his large meat stick as Mark takes off his shirt. Undressing Julian right there by the dishwasher, Mark leans Julian up against the counter and slides his thick cock in Julians waiting hole, pounding him from behind as Julian clings to the counters edge. After hitting it from the back casually, Mark and Julian decide to get down to serious business, moving to the bedroom. Once there, Marks inches up beside Julian, spooning him as he works his cock back inside. He fucks Julian bareback as the two of them get closer to finishing, and with Julian about to bust, Mark flips him onto his back and gives him everything he has, fucking the cum out of Julian before unleashing his own load all over Julians bubble butt and freshly fucked hole. With both of them sweaty and shagged, they agree that now its definitely time to think about eating. Enjoy!