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Sneaky Fun Gay


Alex Tanner has a secret, and his name is Charlie Pattinson. Alexs parents dont know about Charlie, and thats exactly how hed like to keep things for the moment, but Charlies cock sure is tempting. Alex doesnt want to get caught, but he cant stop imagining Charlies thick meat inside his mouth, sliding down his throat, then flipping him over and pounding him until he cant take it any longer. He decides to sneak Charlie in for a quickie, and Charlie proves to be quite the back door man, stripping Alex out of his clothes and sucking him off before fucking his brains out all over the bed. Alex doesnt know why he waited so long to invite Charlie in, but now that hes there, hes making it his. He fucks the cum out of Alex, who moans without fear of getting caught as Charlie blasts him with his back door load, before sneaking out the same way he came. Enjoy!