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Overstuffed Gay


Paul Wagner has booked his room for the Fleshjack Conference and cant wait to get down to the main floor to see whats going on. Unfortunately, it appears the hotel has overbooked itself, and so now, Paul will have to spend his weekend bunking with a complete stranger. Luckily enough, Kevin Crows is also a conference attendee, and even more luck, hes already been down and made his rounds, so by the time he gets up to the room, hes strapped with a bag of free swag. When he produces a Fleshjack from his bag of tricks, that gets Pauls attention. Maybe this will turn out to be a positive surprise instead. Sure enough, minutes later, the two of them are 69ing on the bed and taking turns helping each other with the Fleshjack. And right about the time Kevin puts his rock hard cock inside Pauls waiting puckered asshole, Paul realizes this weekend is going to be one to remember.Enjoy!