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Right to Squatting Gay


As Jason Maddox rises early for his morning run, he happens to check the weather out his window and notices what appears to be a vagrant on his stoop. Marching out to deal with it, he discovers Scott Riley perched and resting on his napsack, peacefully, but Jason is in no mood for bullshit, and marches Scott back inside to call the police. Once inside, Scott pleads his case, telling Jason hes been around undetected for weeks, and that there has to be something the two of them can work out.Upon hearing this, Jason notices for the first time that Scott is quite the looker, despite his living condition. Jason tells him that he thinks he knows a way they can work this out, sliding his hand up Scotts thigh. Scott is incredulous, but Jason tells him its the only way, and since hes fairly compromised and without a lot of options, Scott has little choice but to comply.And once Jason begins sucking him off and he gets immediately hard, Jason realizes hes not so averse to a little play among strangers. Jason strips him out of his jeans as he keeps downing Scotts cock. Scott gets nice and hard but its Jason who is out to get served here, so he stands up and undresses as Scott returns the favor. Scott sucks him off like his livelihood depended on it, and hes good enough that Jason has long since forgotten about calling the cops, but hes also not quite satisfied, so he tells Scott if he wants to stay, hes gotta give up that ass. Scott is hesitant, but he mounts Jasons cock and begins to ride, grinding his hosts cock as Jason thrusts into him. Scott can feel every inch of Jason inside him and realizes this is not much of a punishment. Jason flips Scott over onto an ottoman and pounds him from behind as Scott grabs the sides and holds on for dear life, stroking his cock with his other hand. Ready to drop his load, Jason flips Scott over one more time onto his back as Scott strokes himself dry, spitting his load onto his stomach as Jason pulls out and showers him.Sitting there, cum covered and exhausted, Jason makes good on his promise, offering Scott a real shower and a warm place to stay. Looks like their arrangement is going to work out just fine.Enjoy!