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Musical Threesome GroupSex


Kate and Maddy are playing with the new birthday keyboard that Vick purchased. Play a couple notes, plan out their celebratory evening, seems like a normal day for group of friends... With Maddy as a third wheel of course. Vick gets handsy with Kate, her perky nipples poking out of her thin white top, while their friend is out of sight in the other room. How much can they get away with before she gets back? Flashing some wet pussy? Maybe a little foreplay? It isnt long before theyre caught by the tight blond and convince her to join in. They strip off her little black dress and cancel all other plans. Who need to go out for a birthday party when you can fuck your man AND your hot friend? And what guy is going to turn down two young blondes begging to be covered in hot cum? All because of a simple piano...

Pie Day