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There are those moments in life we never forget. For Tommy White, Valedictorian, one of those moments is starting now. As Tommy tries his best to warm up in front of a mirror for the delivery of his graduation speech, his boyfriend, Morgan Shades, watches with a loving smile. Morgan is reclined on the bed, noticing how nervous Tommy is about the big speech. He decides the best way to get his boy to relax is with a nice, loving blowjob. Its certainly a method Tommy likes! As Morgan sucks Tommys hard dick, Tommy loosens up and removes his graduation gown. Morgan sees Tommy is chilling out a bit, so he turns his lover around and has a taste of Tommys ass. This is exactly the thing to help Tommy forget all the eyes that will shortly be trained on him while he gives his speech. Right now, in Tommys mind, he and Morgan are the only two people in the world. Tommy soon turns around to suck on Morgans big dick for a while. A little of this makes Morgan crave Tommys sweet, tender hole. Join these two sweethearts as they fuck for one last time as mere students. Watch Tommy take his boyfriends big, thick erection deep. Theyre closing a chapter of life together, and preparing to make their way out into the world. Good luck up there, Tommy!