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You re Gonna Pay Gay


River Elliott thought he and Tom Faulk had a deal, but things arent quite working out. Here to collect his money while Tom tries to back out, Rivers determined to make good on the debt one way or another. So when Tom tells River to go fuck himself, River laughs. Funny you would put it like that, he says, shoving Tom down onto his couch as he pulls his cock out. Tom seems confused about all of it until River slaps him across the face a few times with his dick, and then Tom starts to understand. Before he can protest, River has his cock shoved halfway down Toms throat, fucking his face as Tom realizes he should have just paid up. Too late. River has Tom turned over and hes wetting Toms asshole for his meat-stick, grabbing Tom by his jock as he shoves his raw cock inside, punishing Tom with his rock hard dick as he pounds him from behind. Tom relents and decides to just go with it as River raw dogs him even harder, pile driving him on the floor as Tom strokes himself off. Tom loses his load all down his chest as River pulls out and blasts Tom with his jizz, slapping his cum-drenched hole with his cock as Tom wonders if theres any way for the two of them to do some more business in the future.Enjoy!