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Tasting It All Muscle


Cody basks in the late afternoon sunlight pouring in through the glass doors. Its cool inside the guest house. He enjoys taking a break from the heat outside. As he lays, letting his body discover the wrinkles and folds of the bedding, he feels his sore muscles stretch. It feels good to Cody. His host, Colton Fox, enters. Colton has welcomed Cody to his home for a weekend of relaxation and general carelessness. As Colton watched from the window, he saw Cody writhing sexually on the bed. Now he wants a taste. Well, much more than just a simple nibble or lick. Colton wants to taste the whole thing. Codys allowing him to run his tongue back and forth along Codys tight hole. Colton enjoys licking Codys rim. Its one of the main reasons he invited Cody for the weekend. Sure, they participate in other activities together during these long weekends, like rowing, gardening, lifting weights, and midnight polo in the orchard. But nothing really compares to when Colton finally gets to wrap his soft lips around Codys pulsating erection, working him up into an explosive frenzy of sexual power. Witness for yourself. Enjoy!