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3 on 4 Muscle


Trevor Knocks has just come home with his new 4 wheel ATV, and Noah Brooks and JD Evans are a little envious. “Let me ride it,” says JD. “When you suck my dick,” replies Trevor, with a dismissing tone that should be the end of that. But Noah hears this as more of an opportunity invite than an obstacle, and immediately sets into unzipping Trevors jeans.“What are you doing?” Trevor asks.“Im gonna ride it first,” he answers, before plunging down on Trevors cock and taking him to the throat. Not to be outdone, JD joins in, and before he knows it, Trevor has both of them licking his shaft and balls with motivation and vigor. Noah pulls off his clothes and before too long, all three of them are naked and Noah is eyeing JDs puckered ass shaking in front of him. Noah sinks his cock into JD, and all of a sudden, its Trevor who is envious. As Noah fucks JD, Trevor fucks his mouth, and then its a Chinese Fire Drill as they all rotate, and Noah finds himself laying in between Trevor with JDs cock in his mouth. Trevor fucks Noah to a point of climax, and then lets fly as Noah and JD also let fly with their spooge. Well now JD and Noah have earned their ride, but theyve also realized theres a lot better things to spend your time riding.Enjoy!