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Marcus Mojo has welcomed over a new friend by the name of Brady Jensen. The two met while pumping serious weight at the gym and realized they have much in common. They find themselves posing in front of Marcuss bedroom mirror, comparing their bodies to one another. Theyre while Brady flexes, Marcus squeezes various muscular areas on Bradys body. He works his way down, eventually reaching Bradys firm but ample butt cheeks. Brady laughs when Marcus tells him he has a big bottom. But Marcus reassures him its a good thing, just before going down on his knees and biting right into one of those plump cheeks. Then Brady takes a look at Marcus below the belt, pulling his pants down and taking Marcuss cock in his mouth! From there, its to the bed where Marcus gets his own lips around Bradys huge dick. But its not long before Brady is positioning Marcus on top of his massive erection for a muscle-bound pounding youll certainly enjoy to the max!Enjoy!