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Dream Partner Gay


As Markie More becomes more and more experienced with the adult entertainment world, he slowly has begun checking off fantasies that hes actualized. Truth be told, the list is getting pretty scarce, as Markie has indulged in many of his desires on film. But there is one thing on his list hes really interested in crossing off, a target that hes got his sights set on, and if theres one thing about James Huntsman, its that he always hits his Mark. Slowly peeling his clothes off, Markie worships Huntsmans massive chest, his rippling biceps and his chiseled back, falling to his knees and unleashing Huntsmans eager cock, slipping it into his mouth and gagging on it as James pushes the back of his head deeper down the shaft. With his dick nice and wet, Huntsman is ready for some pounding action, so Markie bends over on the bed as James plunges his meat-stick deep into his waiting hole, and Markie lets out a small sigh of pleasure as James fills him up. James pumps and pounds to Markies satisfied enjoyment, before coating Markie with a long overdue load, spraying him down in spectacular fashion, just as Markie envisioned it.Enjoy!