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High-End Property Gay


As a Real Estate agent, life pushing properties around in the market can become lonely and difficult. Asher Hawk is feeling that pain. Today hes holding an open house for a very expensive piece of property. Its in the hills, a bit out of the way. A few hours in, he hasnt had anyone drop by. Until now.Ian Ticing walks in as Asher is going over some legal forms for his client, the seller. What Asher doesnt know is that Ians been watching Asher. He saw Ashers profile on a Realtor website, and liked what he saw. He knew Asher would be here today. Asher politely gives Ian the standard tour, remarking on the original tile and restored fixtures. When they arrive in the junior suite bedroom, Asher takes an opportunity to ask Ian how old he is. Asher needs a sale and doesnt want to be wasting his time with someone who appears to be too young to possess assets enough to seriously consider purchasing the property. Ian doesnt directly answer his question, but instead kisses Asher. After a few moments of deep smooching, they move to the bed to let the passion continue to spill from their souls. Ian removes Ashers shirt and his own. He pushes him on the bed and removes Ashers pants. Ian sucks Ashers swollen cock for a while before Asher sits up and sucks Ians erect dick. Ian then takes control, sliding his cock into Ashers tight ass, and pounding him slow at first, then hard and fast. They reposition so Asher can climb on top and ride. Watch this open house tour go from business as usual to pleasure like never before as these incredibly hot Twinks ravage each other in one of the nicest homes on the market.