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Off The Cuffs Gay


Locked in a chamber below the earth, a ghoulish voice taunts Rod Daily from behind a chain-link fence. Johnny Torque has handcuffed Rod, rendering him helpless to Johnnys twisted advances. Rods nipples are nibbled, his leather-clad crotch is handled roughly, and his ass is licked and grabbed. His only defense is to protest vehemently, but to no avail.Johnny has been waiting to restrict the movement of this muscular specimen in order to perform these wicked acts and rub oil on Rods tensed body. He works his way down to Rods cock, unsheathes it, and sucks hard on the raging boner. When he feels its safe, he releases Rod from the cuffs and the tables turn quickly. Soon Rod is bobbing on Johnnys fat dick, slurping with uncaged abandon. Then Johnny takes his prisoner to the fuck table where he positions Rod for a dungeon pounding. Enjoy!