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Beyond the Glory Gay


For Max McQueen, the glory hole at the gym has always been mysterious. On occasion, hes seen fluids dripping from the hole, and smeared around it. While jerking his cock after a nice workout one afternoon, he notices someone else peering in through the hole. Its another curious boy, just like himself. He decides to stick his through the hole to see what happens. On the other side is George Miles. George is no stranger to this particular hole. When Maxs dick pops out, George takes it right into his mouth and sucks deeply. Max likes the sensation of an anonymous mouth on his hard cock! He thrusts gently into the soft, eager pocket. But the urge to see this mystery boy face-to-face is too strong. Max exits the stall and the two embrace and kiss passionately. George is quite pleased with the rest of Maxs nubile body. After Max spits into and licks Georges tight asshole, he shoves his large dick inside and pounds George hard. This is some very proper Twink fucking! George soon is on his back, taking a pile-driving from his new bathroom friend. Get ready for an intense bang as these two fresh-faced hotties find out what lies beyond the glory.Enjoy!