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Steven Daigle and Jeremy Bilding are a couple of rascals! Theyve decided to go wild with a couple locker room towels at the gym. Theyre jumpin around, slappin each other like a couple of wild banshees! Goofin off sure is their forte. When custodian Brandon Lewis enters, he doesnt like whats going on. Brandon has been an outspoken advocate AGAINST horseplay for years and hes trying to put a stop to Jeremy and Stevens antics.But they dont like this custodian killjoy. Now theyre towel snappin Brandon too and theres nothing he can do! Well except suck their hard cocks! And to show theres no hard feelings, Jeremy and Steven are both gonna slurp Brandons hard boner together, taking turns enjoying his fat mean meat. They soon figure out how to have SAFE fun, the kind that wont have Brandon worrying someone might slip and fall on a slick spot on the freshly mopped floor. Brandon the custodian is totally fine with Jeremy fucking Steven sweet asshole while Steven bobs on Brandons throbbing dick. Hes also alright with being in the middle of a hot, buddies fuck train, including Jeremys cock in Brandons own tight hole and Brandons hard cock in Stevens ass. Now THATS safe locker room fun. The only drawback is the cleanup of 3 giant, hot loads.Enjoy!