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Thick Pleasure Muscle


Nubius and Dayon are what you might call a power couple. By that, I mean Nubius likes to dominate Dayon, using brute strength. When Nubius gets in one of these moods, Dayon knows not to talk back, but instead to head into the dungeon and suit up in his leather and blindfold. Nubius gives him a few minutes, then enters. This time he starts out by rubbing Dayon all over his chiseled body. Then he grinds his crotch into Dayons blindfolded face. Finally, Dayon is allowed to see whats happening, and when he does, it just in time to experience Nubiuss giant cock going into Dayons mouth. Dayon feels lucky to be fed such a massive dick. He cant get enough of it. Nubius moves to licking Dayons sweet, tender asshole. He likes to ready it in this manner for the hard pounding that always comes. Sure enough, when Nubius shoves his hard dong into Dayon, it fits in nicely. This is Dayons favorite way to be fucked: with no options but to take the thick heat. Watch these two partake in hard, no mercy sex in the pit of their very own fuck dungeon. Enjoy!