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Zane Porter Gay


Zane is a confident, kinky stunner with baby blues, a svelte body, and a willing attitude that is sure to please. More than just eye candy, this SoCal native spends his free time in the ocean with his camera, snapping scuba and surf pictures by day and cruising for a little adventure by night. A self admitted trouble starter, Zanes steely looks must surely get him into quite a few sticky situations, but his eagerness to please make up for it. Here we find him staying late after class, helping himself to a little study break, as he reclines in his desk, unzipping his pants and letting his cock come out to play. Stroking it as he spreads his legs, Zane gets harder and harder, until hes just too cramped at his own desk, and decides to move to his teachers desk, mounting a dildo to the desk and then riding it as he continues to jerk himself off. Zane spreads his legs as wide as they will go, fucking himself with the dildo as he strokes himself off, then spraying the desk with a load of extra credit, proving that Zane is definitely the kind of guy youd enjoy doing some homework with.Enjoy!