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Wilde Style Gay


If youve been itching for a dose of RAW Austin Wilde, get ready! Austin is chillin out with his friend Johnny Torque and a new boy by the name of Reed Royce. Reed is a little reticent at the sight of Austins massive cock. Its a good thing Johnny is here to get him in the groove!These guys are wasting no time getting into the action. Reed loves large dicks in his mouth and has been looking forward to slurping down on Austins famously huge boner. Hes going deep, getting Austin very hard and ready for even more passionate fun. Reed is sharing with Johnny, getting a taste of the Wilde man himself. Soon Austin is enjoying two fat cocks in his face at once while Reed and Johnny watch him handle a double dose of dick. Then Reed gets what he wanted as Johnny slides his throbbing man pole into his tight boyhole while Reed takes a face-fucking from Austin. But when Johnny and Austin switch ends, Reed gets exactly what he was craving - a hard pounding from the Wilde Stallion!Enjoy!