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Stranded Fun Gay


With his car broken down in the rain, David Rose is lucky that Jackson Cooper is home and willing to let him come inside to dry up. Or maybe its Jackson who is the lucky one. Its not like hot, fuckable strangers break down on your doorstep every day! Jackson offers him some dry clothes to change out of, but with David already stripped of his wet ones, the two of them decide to take advantage of the situation. Jackson wraps his arms around David to warm him up, pressing his cock against Davids ass as he kisses down Davids back and makes his way to his knees to suck David off. David spreads his legs as Jackson deep throats his cock, then he flips David around and slides his cock deep inside the stranded stranger. David takes the cock willingly as he grips the oven handle with every thrust, and once Jackson has sufficiently warmed him up, they switch up, giving David a turn to have his way. Jackson climbs on top of Davids dick, riding it with his legs spread on the kitchen floor as Davids cock fills him up. They stand and David fucks Jackson on the counter top, pounding him harder and harder until Jackson shoots his load all over himself. David continues to pound Jacksons hole until hes about to climax, pulling out and emptying his huge load all over Jackson. Cum covered, they realize its already long past sundown, and that David might as well stay the night. No arguments here! Enjoy!