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Hosing Down Gay


Watching their new lawn guy, Connor Halsted, watering the plants, Ty Derrick and his partner Darin Silvers get the bright idea of mixing business with pleasure, and quickly launch a plan to involve Connor. Connor is into it, and the two of them waste no time stripping him out of his shorts. Ty kisses his way down Connors body and back up again as Connor falls to his knees and begins to suck off the two of them. Taking turns, he downs each of their cocks, before Ty returns the favor. From there, they take turns fucking each other, as Ty and Darin both get their fill of Connors raw cock. Connor and Darin pig roast Ty before switching up and letting Darin finish off his boyfriend. He takes Ty from behind and fucks the cum out of him as Connor and Darin both shower Ty with their loads. Coated in cum, it looks like the plants arent the only thing in need of a good hosing down.Enjoy!