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Chute the Load Gay


Whats that up in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? God, no, look at how big his cock is... Samuel OToole has been airlifted and dropped into the wrong quadrant, left with only his parachute and his boots, he quickly realizes he has not landed in the right place. Calling his team, he finds out it will be an hour for reconnaissance, and that he will have some time to spare. Figuring he might as well, he unpacks his chute and makes a nice canopy in the hay. Relaxing a bit in the afternoon sun, he slides his hands into his pants and begins to fondle his member. Seeing it respond by saluting and standing straight up, he spreads his legs and begins to stroke away. Sweating in the sun, he takes off his backpack and stands up, getting a good grip and digging in with a soldiers stance, before unleashing a payload of jizz that would shock and awe a normal civilian. Whats that? Is it the sound of the plane circling overhead? Take another lap boys... not quite finished with the mission at hand. Enjoy!