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Birthday Bang Gay


XL knows his boyfriend Tyson Tyler doesnt like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but he still wants to treat his man and show him how much he loves him. Thats why he put a candle in a cupcake and surprised Tyson this morning. Tyson couldnt help but smile and thank his handsome man with a sensuous smooch. XL likes this, and knows that Tyson cant just let a hot kiss stand without engaging in even hotter action. Tyson goes to his knees and pulls out XLs giant cock. Its already very hard, just right for Tyson to suck. He takes it deep, making XL weak in the knees. After a little of this sweet slurping, XL returns the favor by enjoying Tysons massive, stiff meat in his mouth. Then Tyson gets a taste of his luscious boyfriends sweet hole. He knows that not only does XL love this, it also gets his ass ready for hard fucking. Youve been invited to attend this small, intimate birthday party for Tyson. Get ready to witness some good, hot sex as Tyson unloads on XL. Then see these incredible boys switch so XL can slam Tysons perfect ass. Its exactly the gift Tyson was hoping for this year! Enjoy!