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Phenix Saint & Ricky M JOI


You havent seen him in a while, but Phenix is back and hes ready to do some more hot porn with us. Schools been out for a couple of months and Phenix was looking for some spending cash for the end of summer. Who did he come and see? Us here at NextDoorStudios, of course. We really enjoy working with Phenix because of his mellow, smart and confident attitude. Hes one of those guys that loves life and is down to do anything as long as its fun. Ricky M has been getting a lot of attention lately so we decided to pair these two up and see what would happen.What happened you ask? Well, for one, Phenix interrupted Ricky M as he was trying to stroke himself to a hot new porn he had just picked up. Since Phenix was headed into that room for the same reason, it only made sense for them to go at it at the same time...on the same bed. As the two were beating their meats, Ricky M casually reached over and took a hold of Phenixs pierced cock and began tugging on it. Phenix loves a good hand job but wanted to feel a wet, warm mouth too, so Ricky M leaned over and started sucking his buddy.Phenix is a team player and didnt want his friend to feel left out, so the two strip down and jump into a 69. After a good while of sucking and jerking each other, the two lay back to their original positions and stroke themselves to a creamy conclusion.Enjoy!