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Slumber Party Muscle


Sonny Nash lays relaxing, tired from the days events, and ready for a nice nap. Darcy Tyler has other ideas in mind, and, as she is used to getting what she wants, she pays no mind to Sonny resting and disturbs his slumber by running her fingers down his chest and into his pants. Now Sonny may be resting but his cock sure isnt, and as Darcy reaches in and gives it a light squeeze, it hardens up even more, as Sonny opens his eyes to find Darcy hovering over him with a look that says, Your nap is over. Sonny does not fret or argue, instead he watches as Darcy inches down his chest with her mouth, slowly nibbling on the head with her lips delicately. At full attention now, Sonny props up to his knees and begins to work his way down Darcys body, moistening her up for him to plunge his eager meatstick deep inside. He thrusts away as she moans with pleasure, her legs spread wide to accommodate his pounding cock, then once shes satisfied, he pulls out and she jacks his cock off all over her as he explodes his frenzied gooey load all over her stomach. Now sufficiently shagged, it is Darcy who all of a sudden finds herself in need of some recovery. Enjoy!