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Down to Business Gay


Partners in business, and partners in life, Nubius and Damian Brooks prepare at home for an early board meeting at the firm. But before they present their annual company fiscal analysis to their peers at the office, Nubius has something firm hed like to present to his man Damian!Just after Damian tells Nubius theyre going to be late, Nubius, halfway dressed in his freshly pressed suit, grabs Damian and pulls him tight for a deep, passionate kiss. Damian knows exactly what Nubius wants. He assumes the pressure of giving the big presentation has Nubiuss nerves a bit frayed. Its nothing a little tender cock sucking cant fix. Damian lets his mans fat dong out of his underwear and takes it into his mouth with great loving care. Nubius enjoys the feel of his lovers lips devouring his manhood. Then Nubius gets a taste of Damian. After slurping Damians hard dick, he licks his tight hole for a while, preparing it for what comes next. Watch Nubius slide his mammoth boner into Damians sweet ass for a not-so-businesslike pounding! Its the best way to calm the nerves and invigorate the senses. Lets just hope they get to the meeting on time! Enjoy!