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Humping Iron Gay


When a hot, pumped-up new guy shows up at Caleb King and Osiris Blades gym, theres a bit of a stir. Damian Flexxx has been conditionally hired as the newest trainer at their downtown facility and the boys cant wait to get trained. As Damian helps Osiris do a chest workout with dumbbells, Damians crotch goes right into Osiriss face. Caleb notices and realizes it couldnt have been a mistake. Using just the right subtlety, Osiris and Caleb coax Damian out of his yoga tights and Caleb has the immense pleasure of being the first guy at the gym to suck the new trainers cock! And Osiris jumps right in to get a piece of Calebs soft, skilled mouth. Damian really likes the vibe so he decides to see if Caleb would be willing to eat his ass. Caleb, being the dick and ass fiend he is, happily has a taste of Damians hole. As he enjoys Damians ass, Osiris gives Caleb a sensuous blowjob. Its not long before Damian decides he wants to try out Osiriss mouth as well. They switch things up and Caleb buries his face in Osiriss ass while Osiris slurps deep on Damians hard cock. Once the boys are warmed up, Damian cranks things up to the next level, sliding his throbbing erection into Osiriss tight ass. Caleb assists in the drill by fucking Osiriss mouth at the same time. They take turns on Osiriss sweet bottom, before Caleb takes a turn getting pounded by each dude. Wow, Damian heard the clientele was eager to sweat, but this is ridiculous!!! Enjoy!