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Raw and Tight Tickling


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for super hot hook up buds Brad Chase and Wes Campbell it also makes the dick get harder! The guys havent seen one another in a bit and cant wait to get their hands on each other. Making it to the bedroom in the nick of time before one of them creams their jeans, they immediately get down to business. Wes Campbell is a fresh faced, tall super model type with a super sized cock and a bubble butt that would make a bounce house jealous! And he is DEFINITELY not timid! Vocal and confident, he and Brad ASSassinate every inch of each other before Campbell plunges his bare dick deep inside Brads back door. Peaches and cream Campbell mixed with a caramel Brad Chase is a delicious combo that will tickle your taste buds and satisfy every hunger. And for dessert? Why cream pie of course! Campbell is DEFINITELY mmmm, mmmm good!