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Caught By Coach Gay


Derek and Alan always get nice and hard after a game so they measure up next to each other and start to tug and feel their hard cocks. They think its just them in the locker room but out of nowhere the coach walks in and is shocked by whats going on. The coach threatens both of them but then decides the only way out for them is let him dominate both of their mouths and asses which they hesitate at first but then agree to. The coach Connor face fucks them both then strips them down and bends them over the bench so he can slap both their asses and decide which one he is going to fuck first. The boys are scared but have to do what coach says and the first one to get fucked is going to be Derek. Coach fucks his ass hard and deep making sure they know whos calling the shots. Derek takes it like a champ but once is Alans turn things end very quickly. Alan loves the dick so much that after just a few minutes of being fucked balls deep he begins to blow his load all over the place and then the coach fires back with his cream.Enjoy!